Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Draft of Salma Duck

This first attempt at the stripper Salma Hayek Rubber Duckie for From Ducks Till Dawn had so much going wrong in it that I gave up on it altogether and redrew it and stitched it into the rest of the image.

I tried to work in some webbed feet, which, just, No. Duckies do not have feet. Sorry, Quentin-duck.

I also feel like Salma's belly button tries to steal the show in the movie, and I was trying to work in something in the drawing with the squeaky hole on the underside of a rubber duck, here, but I think it came out sort of vulgar and disgusting.

The breasts on a duckie are also too aberrant. I kept them in the drawing on one of the backup dancers, and I still think it's a little too weird and upsetting.

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