Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rumormirror: TBM Reunion in the works

Bowen suggested we make another The Bearded Men comic and I think it's a good idea. I made some skateboard stickers for you to put on your guitar-shaped videogame controllers.

Click for more bigger version.

My basic understanding of the stickers I based these on was pretty strong but I made some revisions after a review of the inspiration pieces. I definitely should draw with a big stinky black magic marker more often. It's such a legit medium.

Shepard Fairey is cool as far as I am concerned.


Anonymous said...

Dave! This sticker looks like you. Is it supposed to? Mom

Dave Przy said...


yeah it's supposed to look like Hal from The Bearded Men, who is pretty much me. It's also supposed to look like a graffiti sticker of Andre the Giant designed by Shepard Fairey upon which a line of clothing, called OBEY Giant, is based.