Friday, December 19, 2008

Przybysz Family Crest

The first thing to Keep In Mind when designing a family crest is that doing so is completely over the top.

Since I have no problem with that basically ever, I decided a big pink pig snout would be the way to set it off with the utmost decorum.

The quill on the red field is for me. My wife Dr Lisa is represented by the top-down thoracic vertebra with the radiant blue center. Our infant daughter is the waves at the top, and there's a colored stripe for each of our eye colors. Lisa's stripe is two colors because she has (very pretty) sectoral heterochromia.

The slanted oval with three stripes references the logotype for CFM, Christian Family Movement. Lisa & I met at a CFM national conference when we were preteens and kept in touch until our mid-twenties when we started to date. It represents our relationship and our faith.

Here's a quick version I whipped up in Illustrator to check out the colors. I think I will tweak the pantones on this and get Ben Banks to class the execution up.


Anonymous said...

I spend one week doing holiday rush orders, and I miss, like, a week's worth of drawings and such. I'll see what I can do with this crest, remembering that the key to any overtly ornate drawing is lots of fine parallel lines.

Dave Przy said...

i should edit the stroke in illustrator to double all the vectors.