Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fast Blackberry

I spent only about 5 dang minutes on this BlackBerry sitting on my desk. I was partially inspired to this course of action by the fact that the fire hydrant from Cool Headphones was drawn in about 90 seconds and I liked it best of the whole dang drawing.

Rushing myself on the BlackBerry, I noticed some bad habits I have like false perspective and trouble with parallel lines. I kept trying to have the short sides of the buttons on the side of the phone slant from upper-right to lower-left, when in fact they should be mostly vertical and actually canted a bit the other way. I don't know how bad to feel about poor perspective since it took western art thousands or millions of years to develop and codify the concept. Plus the BlackBerry is almost box-shaped but not quite, and I think there's a chance it actually is slightly bevelled like that I have no idea.

I think I may do a series of desktop items in five minutes. And then package it as clipart. It would make me tighten up perspective anyway.

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