Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cool headphones

Usually these drawings get away from me at the beginning, and by the end I am just focused on bolding up the lines so the scanner will get them okay. But this one got away from me at the end, when I wasn't expecting it. The reason is that I started another drawing and then scrapped it. In that one, a student's head was turning into four suckered tentacles, much to the dismay of the students at the desks on either side of him, and the teacher at the blackboard is oblivious. Well of course I got carried away drawing the teacher at the blackboard, and oh I think it will be a whiteboard, and let's draw a marker tray and he's got an interesting bald spot and well let's put the homework assignment in a DO NOT ERASE patch on the upper-right corner... and by the time I got around to tentacle-head he was blocking the whole desk and the apple and "Learning is FUNdamental" poster and I had lost interest in him.

So I started drawing Mr Scrawny J Teenager here and I left his head undone because I figured I'd go back to the tentacle thing. But tentacles had lost all appeal, so I gave him this Daft Punkian shiny robot headphone hat and I really think it's the sort of thing most teenagers would be interested in owning. It has a lot of teenageriffic features:
  • unwieldy
  • obnoxious
  • kind of scary for adults and small children
  • self-isolating
  • loud music
  • conspicuous
  • bad for indoors
  • unnecessarily expensive
And the fact that it's for electronica makes good common ground for teenagers who like rock music and teenagers who prefer hip hop. Remember, you will never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator.

I want one. I want two; one for my feet!

The scanner let me down. It didn't pick up much of my background AND it chopped off the top of the drawing. Alack.


Anonymous said...

If you're using one of those all in one printer-scanner-fax-phone-toilet-copier-card reader monstrosities, you have no mercy from me when complaining about bad scan quality.

Dave Przy said...

shouldn't you have even more sympathy for me, since all I have is a prinfaccopiscannilator? Whereas you are a professional artist with like awesome hardware all hooked up and expensive software with like integrations and economies and eritrea?

Anonymous said...

I have a prinfaccopiscannilator too, and I have screamed at it louder than I have ever screamed at an inanimate object ever. Probably louder than any animate object, for that matter. It was something along the lines of, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!"

Dave Przy said...

computers are a source of stress. peripherals, doubly so. you never know if it's the computer or the scanner's fault and maybe you're the one doing it wrong? do you need more RAM? should I close this? are you conflicting with the webcam. spiral of self/else doubt.