Monday, December 15, 2008

The Bearded Men #87 Roughs

Chris' afro is as big as the plot demands.

This script was so wordy I decided to layout the dialogue first and draw around the speech balloons. I never do this. The closest I have done is like last week, where I write the dialogue in longhand as I draw. Last week it burned me when I realized I had written too small and the strip was a little tough to read on account of extra smallness of font.

It worked out out okay but I don't think I can use it as my regular workflow because it felt constricting. Lisa was watching me do the inking on the computer today and asked, "Is this the best way to do this?" I told her it was the way I felt like doing it, but I'd never done it that way before. The "feeling like doing it" was key, since I hadn't felt like doing it at all over the weekend.

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