Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jurassic Melange

Michael Crichton died yesterday. I will always be a fan of Crichton's thrillers, which typically ran his standard Nerds With Crippling Personality Issues Save The World plot. Hollywood did what they could to make divorcee mathematicians and emotionally stunted paleontologists seem like kung fu acrobats and rock stars, and asthmatic epileptic virologists into manly action men, but Crichton would just write another one. And this time they would really REALLY like computers. And, uhm, bugs! I haven't read his latest works, but I am pretty sure a stamp-collecting Oedepal chess historian outruns a fireball in a couple of them. RIP, sir.

My favorite part of the drawing is the anachronistic caveman. Specifically, his expression.


Anonymous said...

That caveman reminds me of me. Caveman in pajamas.


Dave Przy said...


i see it!