Friday, November 21, 2008

Comics Friday like you would not believe

Someone told me my drawings haunt his dreams. Imagine how I feel. All the time.

My favorite thing about this drawing is how a couple specks of lip-chap have gotten on Tie Guy's cheek.

Originally I imagined someone's lips getting so chapped his whole head came off, but I couldn't draw that in three panels and retain any sort of narrative.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling fat AND sassy.

Dave Przy said...

about what?

Anonymous said...

Your comic reminds me of the "Rejected" cartoons that were oh so popular on the internet a few years ago. You know, two stick figures walk onto the screen, say a couple of nonsensical things, and then one tears a big chunk out of the other's side and wheres it as a hat saying "I'm the queen of France!" The first comment was a quote from that. Geez, check it out on youtube ::rolls eyes::

Dave Przy said...

my anus is bleeding! okay i get it now.