Friday, October 24, 2008

A place to go

This robot is not proud


Anonymous said...

What is the story of this robot?

Dave Przy said...

Areti stood overlooking the assembly field. White tuffs of hair glowed like a halo around his ancient head. The construction of his miracle men was complete. Now to switch on the spark-force and animate them.

Areti waved both hands over his head. Thousands of engineers moved in concert at his signal, activating the spark taps and racing aside to watch the miracle men whir to life. Everything was quiet, and then, a hum.

The heart sparks glowed. The hum grew to a rumble. The spark illuminated the interior of the miracle men's head assemblies. The eyes shone forth. They began to move!

Now, an engineer, his crimson robes flying behind him, ran across the assembly field. "Elder Areti! Areti!" Something about a horrible miscalculation. The instruments showed...

"So will they move again?" Areti stood before the loveless council. The emotionless world watched on psychannel. Areti shook his head. "They were powered by our love, and now we have none left. We care no more."

The elder race died, dispassionate. Drawn to nothing, they did not continue their lifelines. They switched off the miracle men, at least, in case... in the hope...

The miracle men waited, silent, in the assembly field. An aeon passed, and another.

Eventually someone figures out a good place to put some tourist restrooms. All those curious sightseers need a place to go.