Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Piecegacorns Realized

Tuesday evening was pretty motivated. Lisa made a joke about the Sorry pawn in the card shop looking like it had wings (supposed to be a reflection). She said all it needed was a "Corn", a unicorn horn. She insisted I draw a pawn with pegasus wings and a 'corn.

I went for a quick drawing of a whole game. It's sort of a cross between Cooties and Candyland. My mistake (or genius) was in making the darn thing look playable, and sort of fun; Once I had drawn the gameboard, I knew I just had to play the game.

We drew a full-sized board and play-tested it and made some rule adjustments. Once we were satisfied with the layout and play we broke out the ol' Crayolas.

Half the fun of this game is messing with the pieces and their accoutrements. The wings we cut from a disposable plastic bowl, the horn (err... corn) is from an Archie McPhee Avenging Unicorn playset I won from The Sneeze years ago. We only had one corn so we used toothpicks for the rest. You can already tell it will (not) be a big hit with children's game publishers. Everything is looped on to the top of the Sorry pieces with ancient orthodontics gumbands. They go on and off easily.

It's a fun game with some depth. Which way to go at the crossroads? The wings make you so fast but that 6 is a bear without the 'corn. I hope we will get to play it a lot. I am curious how it will play with more players.

Please let me know if you are super awesome and play it at home. Print out the board and whip up your own pieces and parts. I am totally serious.

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Anonymous said...

The black Sorrycorn looks like an evil Final Fantasy boss what with his impeding toothpick of doom and crazy megalomaniac wings.

Like Sephiroth