Wednesday, October 1, 2008

'My Best Friend's Girl' movie review meta-slag

Dude smirks using his ENTIRE HEAD.

Critics love to slag on Dane Cook rom-coms. They really take them as an invitation to pour on the vitriol.

Hounddog, a controversial recent release with Dakota Fanning is generally considered to be sucky by just as many critics, but reviews for it tend to be more on-topic. Actually they seem to be a chance for critics to show off just how erudite they are; mentions of "Southern Gothic" and Flannery freakin O'Connor abound.

Check out these highlights from the effigerrific reviews for Cook's new "My Best Friend's Girl". I'm glad they keep greenlighting more Dane Cook movies, personally. Seriously as long as he's making movies he's not doing terrible fratbait stand-up comedy. He's like the Family Guy of standup.

brain cells crawling away to die of embarrassment
profoundly unfunny and sophomoric sludge
misogynistic, feel-bad romantic comedy
so unlikeable that it's difficult to care
humor declining precipitously
insulting, wholly unpleasant
send it back into the sewer
ugly, strictly-for-meatheads
Mean, crass and tasteless
crude serial womanizer
Raunchy and wretched
miasma of desperation
it's simply not funny
supremely irritating
A nauseating fraud
verbally poisonous
tasteless, terrible
seemingly endless
mirthlessly vulgar
a compost heap
cutely vulgar
such piffle
a misfire

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