Thursday, October 30, 2008

Okay so maybe I have SOME idea

but I admit nothing.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bighead breaks physics

Hey dumpy dumps, why so glum? Is it because your noggin requires skyhooks? How are those counter-weights being suspended? Maybe I'll draw the skyhooks' support infrastructure one day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stuck on Ween

Me as Rosemary's Baby, Ava as The Rocketeer, Lisa as Medusa, and Burger as a Jack O' Lantern. I am stuck on Hallowe'en today. In real life we plan to be Winnie the Pooh characters, if we can just get motivated and actually make the costumes. We are busy people.

Check out the origin of the poor robot in the previous post.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A place to go

This robot is not proud

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Units 189142701 and 189142702

Of course they think of each other as Unit 1 and Unit 10.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moving on

Modes of transport should be more animal-shaped I think.

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a Comics Friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

King Justinn better scan

Is it much better?

The Omnivore

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Justinn's Glorious Reign

I felt bad about making fun of Justinn so I made him King of All Dave's Daily Drawings. He even got a power gauntlet to go on that flipper.
edit: one of the characters in the background has not been in a daily drawing before. He is the boulder mini-boss from the Jewel Man level of Mega Man 9 (Wii). Around the house, we call him "Kevin".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008


Here's a couple to force the previous weird/scary/gross pictures down the page a bit.



Thursday, October 9, 2008


Seriously why do all dudes named Justinn look like this? Why?

Oh and the questionable goatee. Come on.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Piecegacorns Realized

Tuesday evening was pretty motivated. Lisa made a joke about the Sorry pawn in the card shop looking like it had wings (supposed to be a reflection). She said all it needed was a "Corn", a unicorn horn. She insisted I draw a pawn with pegasus wings and a 'corn.

I went for a quick drawing of a whole game. It's sort of a cross between Cooties and Candyland. My mistake (or genius) was in making the darn thing look playable, and sort of fun; Once I had drawn the gameboard, I knew I just had to play the game.

We drew a full-sized board and play-tested it and made some rule adjustments. Once we were satisfied with the layout and play we broke out the ol' Crayolas.

Half the fun of this game is messing with the pieces and their accoutrements. The wings we cut from a disposable plastic bowl, the horn (err... corn) is from an Archie McPhee Avenging Unicorn playset I won from The Sneeze years ago. We only had one corn so we used toothpicks for the rest. You can already tell it will (not) be a big hit with children's game publishers. Everything is looped on to the top of the Sorry pieces with ancient orthodontics gumbands. They go on and off easily.

It's a fun game with some depth. Which way to go at the crossroads? The wings make you so fast but that 6 is a bear without the 'corn. I hope we will get to play it a lot. I am curious how it will play with more players.

Please let me know if you are super awesome and play it at home. Print out the board and whip up your own pieces and parts. I am totally serious.


Lisa insisted on this after she saw the Sorry piece buying a condolence card.

Cool lacanth

I was learning about Zzyzx Road recently and learned that the mineral springs in Zzyzx, CA are home to an endangered species of chub fish. This is the first I had heard of a chub, and I wondered what this one looked like. Couldn't find a picture so I drew it myself.

I was inspired in my research by a photo from Athena. As she and her sister were driving to LA from Las Vegas, she said, "Oh, take a picture of that Zzyzx Rd sign, I have to show it to my coworker who has no vowels in his last name. " Thanks for thinking of me, Athena!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Games for Two Players

1. The Castle
This game is great and fast. Adversarial enough that you're interacting, luck-based enough to keep it peaceful.

Other favorites around Casa De Przy:

2. Battleground
This kids' game is a good change of pace when you are done masterminding each other in Othello.

3. Milles Bornes
This classic French card game is one of the few head-to-head games that is just as good with four players. So you can play each other and then scale up when you have company. The bilingual cards and excellent art are a big bonus. Have definitely seen this at Target. Must get the "collector's edition" with the old art. New version = poo.

4. Sorry

5. Battleship

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Root Veggies

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

'My Best Friend's Girl' movie review meta-slag

Dude smirks using his ENTIRE HEAD.

Critics love to slag on Dane Cook rom-coms. They really take them as an invitation to pour on the vitriol.

Hounddog, a controversial recent release with Dakota Fanning is generally considered to be sucky by just as many critics, but reviews for it tend to be more on-topic. Actually they seem to be a chance for critics to show off just how erudite they are; mentions of "Southern Gothic" and Flannery freakin O'Connor abound.

Check out these highlights from the effigerrific reviews for Cook's new "My Best Friend's Girl". I'm glad they keep greenlighting more Dane Cook movies, personally. Seriously as long as he's making movies he's not doing terrible fratbait stand-up comedy. He's like the Family Guy of standup.

brain cells crawling away to die of embarrassment
profoundly unfunny and sophomoric sludge
misogynistic, feel-bad romantic comedy
so unlikeable that it's difficult to care
humor declining precipitously
insulting, wholly unpleasant
send it back into the sewer
ugly, strictly-for-meatheads
Mean, crass and tasteless
crude serial womanizer
Raunchy and wretched
miasma of desperation
it's simply not funny
supremely irritating
A nauseating fraud
verbally poisonous
tasteless, terrible
seemingly endless
mirthlessly vulgar
a compost heap
cutely vulgar
such piffle
a misfire

'Werewolf' the party game

The Moderator explains:

"Each round has Night and Day. Each night the werewolves will silently indicate a single victim to me. There is a Seer in the village. Each night the Seer will indicate a player to me and I'll let him know whether he's a werewolf or not.

"Then it's day, and I reveal the victim. He is dead, and he can't talk. Everyone picks someone to lynch. Then that person is dead too. Then it's night again, a new round.

"Rounds continue until
1) all the werewolves are lynched, or
2) the number of werewolves and villagers is equal, then the werewolves rise up and slaughter the rest of the villagers in broad daylight.

"Follow my instructions."

1. "It's night, everyone close your eyes and go to sleep."

1'. On the First Night: "I'm cursing the werewolves. Keep your eyes closed." For 6 players, including you, tap one werewolf. For 7 or more, pick 2. For 21+, pick 3.

2. "Werewolves, open your eyes. Select a victim. Close your eyes."

2'. On the First Night: "I'm blessing the seer. Keep your eyes closed." Tap one seer.

3. "Seer, open your eyes. Select someone to use your Second Sight on. ::thumbs up/down:: Close your eyes."

4. "It's dawn, everyone wake up and open your eyes. Alice has been torn to shreds by werewolves. Vote on someone to lynch. Bob has been killed by the mob."


This is a fun game, and I recommend it. Definitely have fun with the atmosphere in your descriptions of the setting and the transformations of the werewolves, the visions of the Seer, the bloodthirsty justice of the lynchmob.

I have condensed the script here to make it easier to start up the game. I've only played the game a few times. It seemed like the reason the game wasn't broken out more often had to do with tricky setup and explanations. Now that I've written it out, it's apparent that you could easily play it sitting at a table or around a TV if the Moderator just said, "Hey, let's play Werewolf," and launched into it.

Other versions of the game call for cards, but that's not necessary. Any game this fun that can be played with nothing more than a crowd -- no dice, no cards, no board, no ball -- is really noteworthy.

Check out Zarf's Werewolf page for more details on how the game is played, the werewolf-to-villager odds, variations, the game's origins, and more. If this post is your first exposure to Werewolf, don't think you get it until you go to Zarf's page.

This guy ( adapted 'Werewolf' from 'Mafia', which was invented in 1986 by Dimitry Davidoff.