Friday, September 12, 2008

Drawer of Opportunity

I'll draw where I can, when I can. To this end, we have bathtub crayons in the shower for capturing dream revelations in the still-eye-crusty morning. Also we have a 4-foot whiteboard hanging over our mantle. It keeps the household organized and provides a bit of atmosphere. Frankly it's the XKCDest thing I've ever done.

Radish Baby came to me as I was drifting off last night, and I opened my eyes and scanned the room for a pen and paper, then gave up and just went in the bathroom to draw on the tiles. Radish Baby pulls himself out of the ground and then walks around trying to find a mother, or someone to love him. But he is nightmarish with the teeth and the blank black eyes like a dead horse's. So he's in for a long journey.

I think I feel this way about all radishes.

I drew this landscape to class up the place one time when we had a dinner party.

It used to have rolling hills and a babbling brook and a happy little tree in the distance, but we erased that to make a venn diagram of all the things the baby had sent to the laundry one messy afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I like how the thought bubble is also a radish

Dave Przy said...

Radish Baby's main limitation is that he sees the world as radish-based. Not literally. I mean philosophically. The horrible, anthroporadish infant has a faulty world view.