Friday, September 19, 2008

The Mug is Civilization

I got a new mug. It's got internal dimensions of 6 1/2 inches deep by 5 inches diameter. That's about 70 ounces of volume. That's more than half a gallon.

I am rarely thirsty anymore.

Lisa: what is on the billboard?
Lisa: is it some dumb cows?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Turnip Man

I guess Turnip Man is in the same boat as Radish Baby. He knows how hideous he is. And what's worse, every step is agony. See, Turnip Man's nerve endings are all in his feet.

Drawer of Opportunity

I'll draw where I can, when I can. To this end, we have bathtub crayons in the shower for capturing dream revelations in the still-eye-crusty morning. Also we have a 4-foot whiteboard hanging over our mantle. It keeps the household organized and provides a bit of atmosphere. Frankly it's the XKCDest thing I've ever done.

Radish Baby came to me as I was drifting off last night, and I opened my eyes and scanned the room for a pen and paper, then gave up and just went in the bathroom to draw on the tiles. Radish Baby pulls himself out of the ground and then walks around trying to find a mother, or someone to love him. But he is nightmarish with the teeth and the blank black eyes like a dead horse's. So he's in for a long journey.

I think I feel this way about all radishes.

I drew this landscape to class up the place one time when we had a dinner party.

It used to have rolling hills and a babbling brook and a happy little tree in the distance, but we erased that to make a venn diagram of all the things the baby had sent to the laundry one messy afternoon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A shack

This is from memory of a shack in a hay field on my commute.

I drew this pretty small, planning a big tree. I think I will spend a while drawing trees, with some studies of real trees. Nice thing about drawing trees is if you make a mistake it usually just looks like a weird tree, instead of a bad drawing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coloring is fun

This is the last giraffe for a while. Their spots are too much work.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More girrafffess and the Oldmandroid

Trademark me, oldmandroid.

I am not obsessed with giraffes. I am trying to figure out how to draw one so I can paint a picture of one for Ava. I'm experimenting with a cartoonier version of them, since I think we've established I think that real giraffes look wrong.


I had set up this bottle with some other elements on my desk to do a whole still life but I ran out of time. I still like it. I wonder if I should get like some markers.

Click on the pictures for bigger versions. Not scary-big, though. You won't be intimidated by the bigness. It's a friendly size.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Halloween costumes

With four entities in the household, a standard identity shuffle makes sense for Halloween. Here my wife and I swap appearances. It's not a she-dresses-as-a-guy-he-goes-drag deal, it's a personality swap. The baby and pig do a more generic switch, though. It's not like Burger is trying to capture the Ava essence. He's just rocking the bonnet and diaper.

Will post photos if this actually happens.

A curvy thing

Ben says these doodles are like French curves. Those are drawing implements like the antithesis of a ruler, a straight edge. I would like to have a tattoo one day of a full set of French curves. Or, maybe instead of the tattoo, I would simply like a set of French curves.


Here we have a rather poor drawing of a giraffe which I did from memory. Then I looked up some actuall pictures of giraffes, to discover that I had a pretty wrong idea what they looked like. Especially wrong is the face. Some sketches here where I tried to draw a giraffe face from reference. I like my drawing better. Giraffes look wrong in real life I guess.

I didn't expect to draw so many critters but that's what comes out.


I drew the scruffy pig on the left, and then Huy and Will drew the others, and added the helpful arrow.